When I rent a car, do I need to buy insurance sold by the rental company?

Renting a vehicle while on vacation or when your principle insured vehicle is in the shop can be a headache especially when rental car agencies are asking you to purchase their coverage. Rule of thumb 1) to use your personal coverage as a physical damage waiver you MUST carry Collision and Comprehensive on YOUR policy.  2)  List all divers on your rental contract even if it means  paying an additional charge.  3)  Your actual policy deductible will apply and any claims made against policy while you are renting a car are part of your personal insurance claims record. If you are renting a car for a day or two you need to way out the daily rental agency insurance cost against the out of pocket deductible on your auto policy which can be upwards of 1000 on policies. This is only a partial description please contact our office for further details.


How much insurance coverage should I buy for my house?

The level of coverage for your home varies and no one size fits all.  Dwelling limits depend on reconstruction estimates that take into consideration the many factors that make building your home.  There are also many optional coverage such as personal property floater coverage for expensive jewelry, fine arts,furs etc. Some homeowners with a finished lower level home should look into sewer and drain back up coverage.  The Gralak  Insurance Agency offers the most comprehensive protection for your individual needs.  Don't be fooled by policies that offer nothing more then base protection leaving numerous gaps.  Contact our office for a no obligation review today!

Is my son’s/daughter's property covered while he’s away at college?

Generally your child's personal property while at a college dorm is covered up to a certain limit from extension coverage from your homeowners policy. Although, if they are renting an apartment a renters policy will offer the best coverage for personal property, liability, guest medical and loss of use.

Do I need liability insurance for my business?

If you are a business owner you must carry insurance to protect your business and personal assets from actions that you could be held liable for through acts of your business.  We offer a wide variety of commercial coverage for just about every small business need.  We specialize in contractor, habitational, retail service, business auto and workers comp. insurance.  Contact one of our professionals today!

How much life insurance do I need?

Because lives journey has many twists and turns Life Insurance needs vary, here are few tips to keep in mind.  1)  Purchasing coverage when you are younger saves cost.  2)  It is always a good time to review Life Insurance needs at life changing moments [purchase of a new home, having children, opening a business, etc.]  3)  Life Insurance can cost pennies a day.  4)  Life Insurance is not always for us, rather it's for those we leave behind.  Please consider talking about life insurance today!